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  • Adam winning the HT Lamb Award for his hard work as a British Engines apprentice developing his engineering career in the north east
  • engineering jobs in the uk stats
    10 surprising stats about engineering jobs in the UK

    Do you work in engineering already? Or are you currently considering an engineering job in the UK? Here are ten surprising facts about the industry:* Engineering jobs make up 19% of the UK’s total employment 59% of all engineering apprentices who started in 2014/ 2015 were 19 years old or over 1 in 8 people in […]

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  • British Engines prepares to celebrate like its 1993

    Next week we will be hosting the annual British Engines Awards. We will be celebrating the success of those enrolled onto the British Engines Apprenticeship+ Scheme, sharing anecdotes and thoughtful words about their contribution to their teams and our business, as well as celebrating those that will be receiving their award for 25 years of […]

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  • British Engines apprentices explain why apprenticeships work in supporting National Apprenticeship Week 2018
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