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Posts published in March 2015

  • Precision machining as an art form

    BEL Engineering provides sub contract machining services specialising in large capacity, heavy duty, horizontal machining. BEL Engineering is currently working with an artist based in London to manufacture a set of bespoke sculptures. The machining of the stainless steel sculptures involves a complex manufacturing process starting with a computerised programme of the model which gives […]

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  • Powering pavers across the world

    The Rotary Power XF wheel motor is built in to Asphalt Pavers all around the world. An Asphalt Paver is a piece of construction equipment used to lay tarmac on to roads, bridges and car parks etc.

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  • Rotary Power supplies motors to some of the most powerful construction machines in the world
    Powering trenchers across the world

    Did you know Rotary Power’s SMA motors are used in some the most powerful construction machines in the world? The hydraulic SMA motor is designed and manufactured by the engineers at Rotary Power’s factory in South Shields and provides power to machines involved in activities like drilling, tunneling, paving and trenching. Below is an example […]

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  • SG Transmission develop high impact security brakes ideal for airports
    Airport security access

    You probably won’t have questioned or even given a thought to the technology behind something as simple as an airport turnstile? Well then, it’s a good job our experts at SG Transmission have got it covered. SG Transmission manufactures electromagnetic clutch and brake solutions for a wide variety of industries ranging from military, medical, materials […]

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  • Geofire has installed one of its fire door holders into one of the UK's largest football grounds
    Geofire helps safety of premiership football club

    Geofire designs and manufactures a wide range of electromagnetic fire door holders, closers and other activation devices from its factory in Bishop Auckland. These fire door holders and closers provide a solution for fire officers and inspectors all over the world due to their unique features. The set of wireless Salamander products in particular are […]

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  • Welcome to the British Engines blog
    Welcome to the British Engines Blog

    Do you want to know more about career opportunities and information relevant to you in the North East? Then the British Engines blog is for you! Welcome to our first ever blog giving you an insight into one of the most successful companies in the North East. We also aim to provide you with helpful […]

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