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Posts published in February 2019

  • What do I need to become an engineering apprentice?
    What do I need to become an engineering apprentice at British Engines?

    With applications for our apprenticeship scheme now open, we know that you’re bound to have lots of questions about what is needed to successfully secure a place as an engineering apprentice at British Engines. The British Engines Group is made up of eight companies based across the North East so there’s plenty of opportunity for […]

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  • British Engines commercial apprenticeship Newcastle
    What is a commercial apprenticeship?

    Are you looking for a role that will provide you with plenty of opportunities for the future? Do you want to learn transferable business skills and work as part of a global engineering group? Maybe a commercial apprenticeship is for you. But what is a commercial apprenticeship exactly? A British Engines commercial apprenticeship focuses on […]

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  • Students visiting BEL Valves, part of the British Engines Group, for an apprenticeship myth busting session with NE1 Can
    British Engines partners with NE1 Can to debunk apprenticeship myths

    As applications for our apprenticeship scheme open, British Engines once again partnered with NE1’s, NE1 Can, to deliver two myth busting sessions to students from local sixth forms and colleges, with the purpose of breaking the stigma that often surrounds apprenticeships. In these sessions, everything from recruitment, to what happens after your apprenticeship finishes was […]

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  • British Engines' North East apprenticeship scheme opens
    Applications open for award-winning North East apprenticeship scheme

    Applications are now open for the British Engines apprenticeship scheme. Apprentices will be recruited to join our unique Apprenticeship+ Scheme in September 2019. The award-winning scheme has been designed in-house to teach apprentices additional skills and knowledge to those that would be gained through studying a traditional college apprenticeship. Accredited by the Institute of Mechanical […]

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