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  • Fully installed and operational large hyperbaric testing chamber with Paul Smith, General Manager, standing beside it for scale
    Multi-million pound hyperbaric testing facility completes first commercial test

    Tyne Subsea, a multi-million pound research and hyperbaric testing facility being developed in the North East, has successfully completed its first commercial test in one of Europe’s largest commercially available hyperbaric pressure testing chambers. The facility, which is being developed by British Engines and Newcastle University, will offer customers world-leading pressure testing services in an […]

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  • My North East engineering industrial placement
    My North East engineering industrial placement

    Welcome to the British Engines blog! Tell us a bit about yourself? I’m Adam and I’ll soon be coming to the end of a 12 month North East engineering industrial placement at Rotary Power in South Shields, which is part of the British Engines Group. In September I’ll return to finish the final year of […]

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  • Our experience working as Design Engineers: International Women In Engineering Day
    Our experience working as Design Engineers

    Hi Diane and Laura! We know that you’re both Design Engineers at Rotary Power, part of the British Engines Group, but how did you first get into engineering? Diane: I always knew that I wanted to be an engineer. I wanted to specialise in aerospace because I thought wow, I’d be making planes! I fell […]

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  • raising the bar as a woman in engineering
    Raising the bar: Helping those around me and doing it for myself

    Interviewing Karen Lyons, a Production Supervisor at Stephenson Gobin, makes it easy to see why those that she manages trust her and find her so easy to talk to. She’s energetic, warm and friendly, and the first thing she talks about is how much she genuinely loves her job. And it’s evident, from how passionately […]

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