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  • Corey, shortlisted for an award at the Make UK Manufacturing Awards at the British Engines Awards 2019 with British Engines CEO, Richard Dodd.
    British Engines apprentice shortlisted at Make UK Manufacturing Awards

    British Engines’ fourth year apprentice, Corey Hogg, has been shortlisted for an award at tonight’s National Make UK Manufacturing Awards in London. Corey began his British Engines apprenticeship in 2015, and has since been based at our Michell Bearings factory in South Shields. During his four years with the company, Corey has demonstrated an excellent […]

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  • Elliot describes his engineering career so far as a CNC Machinist
    My engineering career so far: Meet Elliott, CNC Machinist, CMP

    Elliott began his engineering career on the British Engines apprenticeship scheme in 2013. Fast forward six years and Elliot has successfully completed his engineering apprenticeship and is now working full-time as a CNC Machinist at CMP. Here, we find out more about Elliot’s career in engineering so far and his progression from an apprentice to a […]

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  • Ian discusses his British Engines apprenticeship for National Apprenticeship Week
    What my British Engines apprenticeship has enabled me to achieve

    In 1997 Ian started his British Engines apprenticeship. Now 22 years later, he’s still working within the company as a Manufacturing Manager at Rotary Power, part of the British Engines Group. Here, especially for National Apprenticeship Week 2019, Ian talks about what his British Engines apprenticeship has enabled him to achieve… What I gained through […]

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  • How I became a Senior Business Systems Engineer

    Industrial placements and entering the world of work can be a daunting prospect. Especially when you’ve never experienced what it’s like to work in industry before. This is something that Liam, now one our Senior Business Systems Engineers within the IT department, understands well. Liam joined the British Engines Group on a year-long IT placement […]

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  • My North East engineering industrial placement
    My North East engineering industrial placement

    Welcome to the British Engines blog! Tell us a bit about yourself? Hi, I’m Adam and I’ll soon be coming to the end of a 12 month North East engineering industrial placement. This has taken place at Rotary Power in South Shields, which is part of the British Engines Group. In September I’ll return to finish […]

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  • Our experience working as Design Engineers: International Women In Engineering Day
    Our experience working as Design Engineers

    Hi Diane and Laura! We know that you’re both Design Engineers at Rotary Power, part of the British Engines Group, but how did you first get into engineering? Diane: I always knew that I wanted to be an engineer. I wanted to specialise in aerospace because I thought wow, I’d be making planes! I fell […]

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  • Karen, Production Supervisor discusses her career in engineering
    Raising the bar: Helping those around me and doing it for my career

    Interviewing Karen Lyons, a Production Supervisor at Stephenson Gobin, makes it easy to see why those that she manages trust her and find her so easy to talk to. She’s energetic, warm and friendly, and the first thing she talks about is how much she genuinely loves her career. And it’s evident, from how passionately […]

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