Over the course of three weeks I have completed a work placement at British Engines. I have had the opportunity to work in a range of departments from sales and finance to marketing and human resources. My time within these departments has helped give me an insight in to how a global business is run day to day and the career opportunities open to me, once I have finished my degree.

I am currently in my second year at York St. John University, studying a Business Management degree. I have studied various modules, such as finance, marketing and human resource management. Having the chance to experience working within these departments has improved my understanding and helped me to gain additional knowledge, which will be extremely beneficial to me in the future. It has also shown me how interesting working in engineering can be as I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

I spent two weeks of my placement within the British Engines company BEL Valves. Here I experienced working life in the finance, purchasing and sales departments and began to understand how departments work together to produce a tangible product. From selling the goods to consumers to actually designing and manufacturing the product, every employee within the business plays an important role.

In the sales department I was shown how to deal with customer enquiries before moving to the purchasing department where I learnt about how to negotiate raw material costs with suppliers.

In my final week of my placement I spent time within the marketing department at British Engines. Here I completed a number of tasks such as producing a poster. I had to use InDesign to do the poster which was quite fun to learn to use and I also had a little play around with Photoshop. I interviewed the group learning and development manager, and took notes, before creating a blog for the British Engines website. I also got the chance to work on the British Engines website through the content management system (CMS), it was really interesting to see how they manage the content of their website by themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed working within the marketing department and I am definitely considering pursuing marketing in the future.

Completing this short work placement with British Engines has had a positive impact on my career direction; it has really helped to give me an understanding of the different career avenues open to me as well as the opportunity to see which ones I liked or didn’t like. I hope in the future I can be part of a company just as successful.