The Government has launched a new campaign aimed at promoting apprenticeships among young people, parents, teachers and businesses.

The campaign has the support of Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, who wants to ensure that apprenticeships are being promoted as much as academic routes such as university.

The Education Secretary said: “The sad truth is that outdated attitudes are still putting people off apprenticeships, which means they’re missing out on great jobs and higher salaries.

“It’s vital that we challenge people’s thinking about apprenticeships which is why the Government’s new ‘Fire It Up’ campaign will aim to shift deeply held views and drive more people towards an apprenticeship.”

At British Engines we have been training apprentices in the North East since 1966 and we are incredibly proud of our award-winning Apprenticeship+ Scheme. The scheme was developed in-house to provide apprentices with additional knowledge and skills to those that are gained through traditional college apprenticeships, in order to help develop them into better rounded and multi-skilled professionals.

Following four years of study, our apprentices come away with a fully recognised professional qualification, as well as vocational and classroom experience which is invaluable when pursuing a career within the industry.

British Engines’ apprentices initially spend 22 weeks at college on a full-time basis, and then one day a week thereafter, with the rest of the week spent working in a hands-on capacity within the business; learning from experienced professionals.

The majority of our apprentices go on to full-time employment within the British Engines Group, and many of those who now hold senior management positions within the business, started out as British Engines apprentices.

Our apprentices receive the same benefits as our full-time employees, and have the opportunity to go on to pursue qualifications in higher education, fully supported by the company, as part of our commitment to our employees’ continuous professional development.

If you think that an apprenticeship might be for you, or if you would like more information about our scheme and the recruitment process, take a look at our Apprenticeship+ zone.

Applications for our September 2019 intake of apprentices will be opening later this month, so keep checking back on our website, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to keep up-to-date with news on our apprenticeship applications.