Training, guidance and black belts, it’s all in a day’s work.

Francisco Dominguez tells us about his day working as Director of Quality at CMP Products and the impact of his role on the company. Francisco has more than 10 years’ experience working in quality across the globe, is a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and a keen mentor within the company.

What was your path to becoming Director of Quality, and why CMP Products?

As a Spanish native, my route to the North East and working with CMP has been unique. I initially studied for a master’s degree in geography at the University of Seville, before working as a technical engineer at an engineering company in Spain. I was based in the environment department and progressed into quality auditing within the engineering industry. From 2008, I worked for an American company based in Italy and California; this is where I was introduced to Lean Six Sigma.

I came to the UK in April 2013 and worked for a local multinational business as supplier quality manager before joining CMP in March 2015. I was attracted to the British Engines Group as I already knew of its history and global reputation. At the time, CMP was looking to update its processes, procedures, methodologies as part of continuous improvement. I really enjoy analysing results, changing processes for the better and then being able to review and see the improvements made, so given my experience, the role at CMP was an ideal opportunity for me.

Could you tell us about your role and what your responsibility is within CMP?

As the Director of Quality for CMP, I am responsible for ensuring that excellent standards of quality are maintained throughout the company. I am heavily involved with the implementation of our Lean Six Sigma programme, providing training and guidance to my colleagues working towards continuous improvement within the business. My focus is to continually improve product quality and processes within CMP; as an example, this could be achieved through delivering training programmes to promote a common understanding of quality principles and executing quality strategy.

Can you tell us about your day and what your key tasks are as Director of Quality?

Every morning I have a 15-minute meeting with my team of quality engineers, inspectors and apprentices to discuss the day ahead. This allows them to update me on what they are planning to do, what audits are due to be completed, any visitors expected throughout the day, and anything that might affect how our day will run. The meeting also creates strong links between the team, whilst the communication keeps everyone up-to-date, allowing me to prioritise tasks and allocate resources.

No day is ever the same at CMP but I always try to set aside some time for reviewing and responding to any customer queries in the morning. Following this I will usually have meetings throughout the day. My role requires me to work closely with all departments within the company including operations, marketing, finance and technical, to ensure excellent standards of quality are maintained and communicated.

At the moment, a lot of my time is focused on the implementation of the Lean Six Sigma programme, which was introduced into the company in July 2015. It is a big project to oversee as we are aiming to have more than 300 projects active by 2020.

Lean Six Sigma teaches skills in identifying issues and problem solving and can be utilised in many aspects of the business to ensure the most effective method of working is used. I am sometimes required to travel to one of our seven overseas businesses to meet with suppliers and continue the training and development across the company.

What challenges do you find within this job?

Continuous improvement is a key focus at CMP and an example of this is the implementation of Lean Six Sigma which requires a new way of working throughout the business. This change can often be challenging, especially within a global company with offices around the world, but we are progressing with continuous training and development to make the transition easier.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I really enjoy seeing the benefits that are brought to the company through the implementation of our quality strategy. As a result we have created time and cost savings across the business and improved customer satisfaction. Training and developing our people through Lean Six Sigma, and then mentoring them through their Lean Six Sigma projects is also incredibly rewarding.