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Apprenticeship + is the British Engines mechanical engineering apprenticeship scheme.

Not only will you be working towards your qualification, you will be building your future as an engineer. We will support you from your first day, guiding you through the programme and providing development opportunities. Take for example our tailored outward bound trip to Brathay in Ambleside, Cumbria, giving you the chance to work as a team with the apprentices in your year.

This is your chance to learn from the best, so it’s not surprising that places on our apprenticeship schemes are very competitive. Our mechanical engineering apprenticeship is designed to train enthusiastic and self-motivated people.

An apprenticeship with British Engines will give you experience in a range of engineering skills which could include CNC machining, assembly fitting, testing and maintenance. You may also have the opportunity to progress into design engineering, production, purchasing, planning and/or continuous improvement.

  • Qualification Summary

    Vocational Training:
    A programme of hands on training which will continue throughout your apprenticeship. This is tailored to prepare you for the particular career you want to follow within the company.

    Level 2 Certificate in Performing Engineering Operations:
    The PEO is a nationally recognised academic qualification, study takes place four days a week in college. (22 week course) A qualification you need to pass your apprenticeship.

    Level 3 Diploma in Machining:
    This builds on your Level 2 studies, and takes you up to Level 3. A qualification you need to pass your apprenticeship.

    Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing:
    The Level 3 in Advanced Manufacturing study takes place one day a week in college (2 year course) A qualification you need to pass your apprenticeship.

    Higher National Certificate in Engineering Manufacturing Operations:
    The HNC is a nationally recognised academic qualification, study takes place one day a week in college. (2 year course)

    Apprenticeship + Foundation Level:
    This is the first year of your enhanced training provided by our training partner TDR. You’ll learn first-hand about cutting edge engineering technologies, including visits to key companies and meeting and talking to world class engineers. A qualification you need to pass your apprenticeship.

    Apprenticeship + Intermediate Level:
    This is the second year of your enhanced training. It builds on your foundation year, introducing you to areas including Modern Machine, Machine Tool and Fixture Design, Metrology, Materials and Behavioural Safety.

    Apprenticeship + Advanced Level:
    This is the third year of your enhanced training. It builds on your Foundation and Intermediate years, and prepares you for career in the advanced technical areas of engineering.

  • Incorporated Apprenticeship +

    After successful completion of the British Engines Apprenticeship + programme, you may be able to progress towards achieving incorporated engineer status in your field of specialism. You may also, in future years, be in a good position to progress to chartered engineer status or higher level work.

    Subject to the academic courses you have taken during your apprenticeship, you have the opportunity to continue your academic studies towards a bachelors degree in Engineering (BEng) and even onto a masters in engineering (MEng). We will discuss these options with you and agree what the best course is for you.

  • Commercial Apprenticeship

    We also offer a commercial apprenticeship in business administration. Depending on the needs of the business, you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of commercial departments including finance, marketing, logistics, purchasing, ICT and/or human resources.

    The duration of a commercial apprenticeship with British Engines is around 18-24 months. As well as picking up a range of transferable skills during your time as an apprentice, you will be working towards a Business Administration NVQ Level 3.

    Applications are open throughout the year. Go to our vacancies page to view all available jobs.

  • What you need to apply

    • At least a GCSE grade 4/C in Maths, English and Science
    • An interest in engineering (mechanical engineering apprenticeship)
    • The enthusiasm and the commitment to undertake an apprenticeship
    • The potential to succeed in both your studies and in work
  • Apprenticeship programme
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